Charts and graphs are the easiest way to explain any point across especially if you have lots of data to put across. People can spot trends more easily in a chart as well as comprehend complex data. A good powerpoint deck should have information presented in a concise way as much as possible. It does not mean you should have a lot of visualizations in your slides but rather keep one chart per slide. If you think in terms of the viewer, its best to keep his focus on one thing at a time.

We at powerpointguys have created a one slide deck for an animated graph which you can quickly download and use for your meetings or presentations. Consider you have the below data which can be anything revenue numbers, employee count, website viewers, active users per year. See the data as below:

Data 201120122013201420152016
Location 171623456075
Location 2102030354045
Data shown as graph

Which one would you prefer? Obviously the graph. Add some simple animations, you are done. Go ahead, download the chart below

One Slide Deck for Chart

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