Remove double spaces in your presentation

One of the most finer details which people miss out in their presentations is the existence of double spaces inside paragraphs. Depending upon what your job profile looks like you will generally have multiple presentations to fall out not created by you. Multiple reasons exist for double spaces typos errors inside your powerpoint deck –

  1. Hurry to create the presentation introduces small errors
  2. Someone else has created the deck from which you have copied the slides
  3. Keys in a keyboard sometimes creates these errors

Whatever the case, it is a big eyesore when presenting your powerpoint deck in a meeting or sending it across in an email. These errors tend to accumulate over time and you never know when you have a deck complete of hundreds of typos

Here is a quick tutorial to replace double spaces with single spaces

Step 1: Inside Powerpoint, Click on Replace inside main ribbon
Shortcut: Ctrl + H

Step 2: Enter double spaces inside ‘Find what’ and single space inside ‘Replace with:’

Step 3: Click ‘Replace All’. Done. Powerpoint will find all double spaces and replace them with a single space

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