Everyone has been there, your powerpoint deck for a client meeting has suddenly exceeded 30MB. You have a small edit to make in it, but opening the powerpoint deck is taking forever due to its huge size. Even after opening the Powerpoint, just scrolling through the slides and making small edits take a long time. What do you do in that case ?

GIF explaining how to compress images

We have a very cool feature in Powerpoint known as Compress pictures in order to reduce the size of the images. Based on the number of images inside, your expected savings on an average should be close to 40%. Your 30MB Powerpoint file is nw 18MB only and it can load much faster.

After clicking on Images

Step 1: Select the image in question
Step 2: Click on Format in Menu
Step 3: Click on the icon to Compress Image shown above

Compression options

Step 4: After clicking ok, the image will be compressed

Bonus Tip: If you have multiple images in your Powerpoint slides, uncheck “Apply only to this picture”, then click OK. All the images in your slides will now be compressed. You can finally say goodbye to slow-loading powerpoint decks

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