What do you do when Powerpoint freezes, hangs or becomes unresponsive and you are working on that super important update which is to be sent to your manager early morning ?
Autosave to the rescue

How do I change autosave settings ? How to change autosave interval in Powerpoint ?
Quick Way -> File -> Options -> Save

After opening Powerpoint (Office 365), you can find ‘Options’ Menu towards left bottom
Click on File to bring out the above options
Go to “Save” after clicking on Options
Change the Timer Settings to 5 minutes

The default option available in Office 365 Powerpoint is 10 minutes, Change the setting to 5. You can even use a different time setting based upon your requirement.
The number of times that you will be saved because of this nifty hack which Powerpoint is incomparable. Only thing is the default options can be improved by a good factor depending upon what you are working on.

What about the space requirements ?
The recent laptops & computers for business now at least have 8GB Ram as well as 500GB Hard disk. With network speeds rising due to 4G, your laptop does have plenty of space which can be utilized for autosaves. So no worries there. Powerpoint also regularly clears the old autosave formats as well

Other options including changing the file location for autosave.

You can even change the default behaviour when you save Powerpoint files, i.e. after closing Powerpoint if you require it to be automatically saved to a particular location in your computer

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