How to convert Powerpoint to PDF

There are multiple ways to convert any powerpoint decks you are working on to pdf and many reasons to do so. You can use the same tutorial to send large powerpoint files across email if Outlook and Gmail have file restrictions. Some of the most common reason to do the same is

  1. Sending it in an email
  2. Large Size of the Powerpoint
  3. Keep it as a backup option
  4. Highly sensitive content
  5. Share it an password-protected PDF
Quick GIF Explaining the process

The below tutorial will help you answer how to export (or save) any powerpoint presentation in a pdf format

  1. Click on File
    Click on File
  2. Click on Export
    Click Export
  3. Click “Create PDF/XPS”
    Create PDF
  4. Type the File name and click on “Publish”
  5. Done !

Bonus Tip

You can optimize the email even further by visiting ilovepdf which can compress your the size of your pdf.

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