Benefits of using a one slide deck

How many times have you heard about one slide decks? It is becoming all the rage now, whether inside boardroom or the classroom. Rather than having a huge presentation spanning tens of slides, sometimes it is much more powerful to have a single slide deck do all the work. Most of the corporate presentations and pitches usually have multiple people working on the same thing. We are going to cover the key benefits of using one slide decks to explain your concept:

  1. Re-usability: Once your presentation is ready, anyone can quickly have a look at it and add it to their new presentation. For example, say you are pitching to an automobile giant and have added a one slide deck explaining the advantages of your product. Tomorrow, when you pitch to another automobile giant, you can reuse the same one slide deck
  2. Maintainability: We all know the pain of updating various decks whenever a product portfolio changes or a design change happens. You will take considerably less amount of time to edit the slide if you do the change
  3. Minimalist: Summation is a very powerful tool, it encourages you to focus on the key aspects of the slideshow presentations and helps you cut down unnecessary points in your PowerPoint decks. Minimalist design ensures your decks remain uncluttered and focused on just one thing
  4. Engagement: Let’s face it, everyone is busy nowadays. The modern manager has hundreds of items on his bucket list and listening to long sales pitches won’t be a top priority for him. Which is why when you say I only have a one slide deck for you, it captures his interest and you can finally get that meeting you were looking for
  5. Time-saver: Rather than creating a large sales deck which might take a considerable amount of time, a single slide on the other hand takes minimum effort and time. If you have a urgent deadline to meet and the ask for a deck which can explain the product, it makes much sense to go with a single slide deck

Whew! 5 quick benefits for you when you use a single slide deck. We advocate using single slide decks for your meetings. The biggest advantage being maintainability.

What do you think? Have you ever used a one slide deck before? What were your key learning from it?

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