The simple, humble 2×2 matrix is one of the most commonly used business strategy tool from publications and speeches to every case study you've ever read in B-school. Every company has thousands of 2×2 matrices on Powerpoint slides laying around because of its amazing simplicity and versatility. It works remarkably well to list to think in two-dimensional thinking to solve problems.

You can create a range of possibilities just using the same slide. For example,

  • which restaurant to go to?
  • which travel site to go to?
  • which smartphone brand to purchase?
  • which car to buy
  • list goes on …
Example of using 2×2 matrix for new and returning users of a website
BCG Growth Matrix

I was in search of a simple slide which anyone can quickly use for their presentations without having to go through multiple hops. Hope you enjoy the below template created for which smartphone brand should I buy. Do fill in the below fields to download the template

2x2 matrix one slide deck
2×2 Matrix in a presentation

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